Sunday, 1 June 2014

Into action as a JP at last

I completed the 30942QLD course in providing community justice services held at the HQ of the Queensland Justices Association in late April 2013. Then followed delays in the JP application process, a long summer break and a sudden dearth of mentors on the Gold Coast. Under the auspices of the Gold Coast Justices Association and the good offices of Judy H I began my mentoring with Damien A at the Robina signing centre almost exactly a year later in April 2014. I was up and running as a JP at last.

In the next weeks of practical mentoring Damien taught me a great deal and was generous with plying me with information and passing on the invaluable advice gained in his almost four decades of working as a JP. Subsequently other JPs have asked for copies of Damien's information, and now six months later I decided I needed somewhere online in the cloud to collect and share with other JPs. So this blog site was born.

The intention is to post the tips, tricks, useful links and new information we learn from every session servicing clients in our signing centres. While I am happy to start the ball rolling I invite all JPs active in Queensland to comment on the articles and information pages here. Feel free to offer suggestions, point out incorrect information and generally remark on any item on the site.

I would particularly encourage any JP in Queensland to write guest articles of their own.  If you are interested get in touch with me via my contact page.

To bring a sense of the time scale I have predated some of the early posts to approximate the date I collected the information. From November 2014 the posts appear with the date of submission.

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